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The Israeli Programmer Shortage Is Sky High

It’s no shocker that there is a huge shortage of programmers & software engineers working in Israeli High-tech. Senior programmers are in such short supply & high demand that in general multinational corporations such as Amazon are paying tons of money for experienced programmers! Right now, Israel is commonly referred to as “Start-Up Nation” & is certainly leading the world in terms of High-tech!

In Israel, Several Factors Are Contributing To The Programmer Shortage:

Historically, Israel’s geopolitical situation & geographic location created certain situations that necessitated the need to develop advanced tech. The land mass is small, natural resources were incredibly limited when the country was established & Israel is surrounded by potential threats.

So, historically, Israel had problems, then developed technology-based solutions for them.

Water is a great example. Israel is in the Mediterranean & has a very dry climate especially in the South. Water was obviously needed in Israel & in short supply. So, Israel developed advanced water desalination techniques to deal with this problem. Now, this technology is being used around the world including places like Cape Town!

Now, Israeli High-tech is certainly blooming! Not only is there technology everywhere, but Israel has a culture of innovation & technology. According to Adi Shmorak, who is the VP of Product Management for an educational coding product called CoderZ, “Whether it is automotive, medical, education, or cyber security markets, Israeli tech companies are leading the world. The situation has created a high demand for computer programmers that does not seem to be fading away any time soon.”

Multinational corporations are currently buying talent & there simply aren’t enough programmers working for local companies & start-ups. Adi explained, “since tech giants like Intel, Apple, Google & now Amazon are all doing R&D in Israel, the shortage of skilled computer programmers is critical. The shortage is to a point of which it inhibits the growth potential of the High-tech industries.” Adi continued to explain why filling programmer positions is critical to the entire Israeli economy. Israel needs more Junior & Senior programmers working in local start-ups & in big multinational corporations. There is quite a large programmer hole to fill! Adi told me More programmers mean more innovation which means more Venture Capital (VC) investment in Israel’s economy & more exports of technology. Certainly, the most important part of the Israeli economy is tech. This is also becoming the case around the world!”

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